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A wide range of exciting and premium quality kitchen and bathroom accessories
A wide range of exciting and premium quality kitchen and bathroom accessories
5 Home Security Tips For Single Mums

5 Home Security Tips For Single Mums

Like it or not, being a single mum could make you a target for crime. Burglars may see you as a vulnerable person because you’re the only adult in the home. The good news is you don’t have to be an easy target for crime – there are loads of ways to protect your property and family. Here are some tips for single mums to be proactive with home security and stay safe around the clock:

1. Install Motion Sensor Lights and Alarms

Some of the best home security equipment includes motion-detection. Floodlights in the front and back of a single-family home will alert you to movement in the yard, and a motion-sensor alarm inside will sound if someone is creeping through the hallway.

2. Use a Doorbell Camera

There’s no reason to open a door without knowing who is outside. Doorbell cameras give you a full 180-degree view, so even if someone is hiding next to your door, you can spot them.

3. Lock Down Your Property

Sometimes going back to the basics is the best way to protect you and your kids. Change the locks when you buy a new home, or make sure the landlord on a rental property has changed them since the last tenants lived there. Upgrade your window locks and alarms, too. Use a reputable Locksmith to secure your property.

4. Keep Your Social Media Secure

Don’t advertise that you’re the only adult in the home. Keep your social media pages private, so that strangers can’t figure out where you live and that you’re living there alone with your kids. Rethink your social check-ins, too – do people really need to follow your every move?

5. Avoid putting your name on your Mailbox

Some of the top break-in prevention tips are in the details. If you have a physical mailbox at your home, use initials rather than names. This calls less attention to a woman living alone with her kids.

The best home security tips for mums can keep you safe from burglars and aware of what is happening on your property. Take a few minutes today to do an audit of your home security. Then, browse our array of DIY home security options and improve your home safety. If you have questions about any of the products at DIY Home Warehouse, email us today to learn more.