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A wide range of exciting and premium quality kitchen and bathroom accessories
A wide range of exciting and premium quality kitchen and bathroom accessories
Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Our bathrooms can be a reflection of our personal style, but unlike an outfit you can put on and take off, when you are making design decisions prior to and during your bathroom renovation, you will be stuck with the result, for better or worse. Bathrooms need to be user friendly and making a design statement while being practical can be a real challenge!

Here are 4 bathroom decor ideas that showcase your personalized style in the bathroom:


Tiles were trending since 2017 and still continuing throughout the next few years. There are a wide variety of tiles that you can use for the bathroom that reflect your own personal style. With so many colors, designs, and patterns to choose from, tiles can make a huge difference in your bathroom. Go the geometric route and select basic shapes as the main key point of the bathroom or use different colors and textures that will help change the overall tone and ambiance. Think outside the box by placing your wall tiles vertically for a unique, yet classic look.  Keeping in mind practicality, make sure you test your floor tile, see how it reacts to water stains and ask your supplier about durability.

Taps and shower heads

Using taps and shower heads as a way to reflect your personal style and to make a statement is super fun and can be cost efficient. Whether you gravitate to simple matte black or get excited about brass, we carry many lines of high quality taps and shower heads. These accessories can uplift a previously dreary looking bathroom in an instant.

Color Theme

We all know that dreaded basic beige bathroom. Most home bathrooms that are created with builder grade materials and items are built in this beige color. While it is a neutral, and we like a good neutral on any given day, it’s not quite everyone’s cup of tea. Color can set the overall tone of your bathroom,  and can be used in different way, from the walls to the accessories. Keeping certain areas in your bathroom tile free will allow you to add a trending color that you can paint over when you feel like you’ve outgrown it.  You can also consider adding wallpaper, this trend has been all over Pinterest and design blogs and we love it.


One of the main focal points of the bathroom is the vanity and investing in a classic and beautiful vanity can be a difficult consideration. Pin your heart out until you settle on a style you like followed by some rigorous online shopping. Remind yourself that adding your style of tap and even changing out the hardware and stone top can make a big difference and add an element of unexpected luxury.A vanity will be one of the key pieces that will be worth spending extra money on, as it is something that you use every day and it will only add value to the bathroom.


Adding décor to the bathroom will help add finishing touches to the room. You can add simple accessories or add vintage elements, whatever décor you choose to use will cement what overall style and theme you want your bathroom to reflect. Adding indoor plants will bring life, color and texture into the room as well as help keep the air healthy and fresh.

Your bathroom is a place that is constantly used multiple times a day.  Renovating your bathroom will not only liven up the place but it will help add value to your home. Whether you choose to go extravagant or simple with the changes make the bathroom a place you, your family, and visiting guests can enjoy.

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